Vintage clothing and the environment.

Fashion & Ecology

In a recent article, it was estimated that 26 billion pounds of textile waste end up in landfills across the globe annually and fashion production creates over 10 percent of carbon emissions. The biggest offender:  fashion companies like Zara and Forever 21 that are pumping out inexpensive fad styles without any consideration of environmental costs. The current culture surrounding “fast-fashion” and the $2.4 trillion dollar textile industry represents an exemplary instance of consumerism run dangerously amok, but also an opportunity to do better.

No new resources used

No new resources or energy are required in order to create vintage garments. They already exist. By shopping preowned, the clothes that you purchase are not contributing towards any depletion of the earths resources, or and negative externality regarding the environment.

Higher quality

Because of shifting standards in the fashion industry, modern clothing tends to be far lower quality than older products. As such, preowned clothing will have stronger weaves and stitching that translates to a longer period of time that you are able to enjoy them. ​​

Why does it matter?

As we consume a voracious volume of products, it is apparent that we are depleting the earths resources faster than it can replenish them. Considering the figure of 10% of global carbon emissions, we can no longer ignore the effects of fast fashion on our global environment, and instead towards possible solutions. In fact, 95% of textile waste can actually be recycled. 

The solution

Of course, expecting consumers to stop consuming is an oxymoron, but I knew there had to be a way to harness the insatiable appetite of fashionistas like me using cost-effective, and environmentally friendly practices. Recognizing consumer’s desire for eco-friendly products and a perennial need for vintage wear, I started this business to create environmental change (and bring unique vintage pieces to all!)

Take Action

If clothing isn't purchased secondhand, it will end up in a landfill. To avoid this, visit you local secondhand "thrift" stores, which are filled to the brim with fashionable vintage items. Additionally, consider supporting vintage consignment stores such as Antsdriptrip, as every item that you purchase from a store such as our goes towards reducing demand for environmentally damaging fast fashion. To support our mission in making a global impact through a vintage purchase click here to see our main selling platform, or here to see our website featured products!