Our mission towards eco-friendly fashion

26 billion pounds of textile waste are produced each year

Our commitment to second-hand and vintage works against harmful fast-fashion! 

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Our impact

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Our impact

The upcycle process

One of my favorite upcycled pieces! This piece came in and it was covered with paint stains and a few large oil splotches. Through relentless scrubbing, it now looks normal with a slight vintage tinge!

Vintage clothing extends beyond "raiding thrift stores"

Beyond stereotypes, sourcing and practicing sustainable fashion is ethical and practical.  


Eventually, overstock from many clothing or apparel companies will end up in second-hand or bulk discount stores available to small businesses like ours.

Direct Acquisition

As a more prominent brand, we allow and encourage individuals to sell otherwise "doomed" clothing directly to us, extending the lifespan.

Charity Shops

While we do not source from thrift stores due to ethical concerns, 84% of donated clothing eventually ends up in a landfill. Rehoming these pieces is still crucial.

Company announcement

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With my shifting focus to my own brand (check it out here!), Antsdriptrip's expanding operations + new team members, and our status as a verified top seller on the leading global platform for vintage, it makes sense for us to sell on multiple platforms. Don't worry, our quality products and mission of sustainability will stay the same!

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